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The most updated list of the books I have for sale can be found on the website at

Currently, I’m selling books on:

Barnes and




This was the bricks and mortar store I owned 1986-2001




Have a large collection of books you’d like to sell?   I’m interested in hardback, mostly non-fiction, in great condition.  Contact me by e-mail ( with titles and types of books you have, how many you have, and how much you are considering selling them for.  

Please note: 

·       I am not interested in dirty, moldy books regardless of the age.  

·       A book written in late 1800’s to early 1900’s is not “old” and is probably not valuable.

·       If you want a book appraised, the fee starts at $5.00 per book, and I can not buy the book once I appraise it due to ethical standards.

·       I am interested in very few paperbacks and most are only worth no more than 10 cents to me.




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